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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Unalaska, Alaska

Seth's a clean standup comedian whose topics cover current happenings; relationships; toddlers; whacky topics and everyday occurrences. The extensive assortment of topics allow all in the audience to have a delightful time! See Seth's whole biography.

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Estimate of current travel expenditures that are customary for cities/towns right next to Unalaska, AK:

Here is a detailed projection of travel expenses to book a Christian comedian in Unalaska, AK. These are customary travel expenses and may be higher or lower than estimated.

Accommodations$95 - $161.50
Car Rental$127.68 - $298.77
(The above listed car cost denote a combination of the rental price, plus mileage and projected gas usage.)
Plane (Delta to Ted Stevens Anchorage International)$720.00 - $403.00
Total Projected$942.68 - $863.27

This guestimated expense assumes:
** This guestimated expense assumes a local gas price of $2.38.
** All travel estimation costs assume a usual 2 day trip.
** All travel rates are only projections and will differ based on time of year.

This projected expense is accurate for the 99685 zip code and the majority of Aleutians West.

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