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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Healy, Alaska

Seth Knorr is a family-friendly comedian whose jokes involve current noteworthy events; married life; kids; wacky topics and common experiences. The varied assortment of jokes let all to have a good experience! View entire bio.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Healy, AK through this show estimation page.

Forecast of expenditures for travel that are customary to cities & towns close to Healy, AK:

This page is a guestimated calculation of travel expenditures to book a Christian comedian in Healy, AK. These are standard travel rates and may be higher or lower than projected.

Accommodations$109 - $163.50
Rental Car$17.53 - $68.91
(Above rental car fee reflect the sum of the rental car rate, plus mileage and probable gas usage.)
Plane Trip (Alaska Air to Fairbanks International)$770.00 - $280.00
Total Guestimated$896.53 - $512.41

This guestimated expense assumes:
** This guestimated expense references a local gas price per gallon at $2.449.
** Travel expenditure guesstimations assume a normal event in 1 day & a 2 day trip.
** Travel rates can change contingent on the travel date.
** Schedule permitting, Seth will travel in and out on the same day to save on expenditures.

This guestimated expense is also good for the 99743 zip code and the majority of Denali Borough.

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