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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Metairie, Louisiana

Seth is a Christian, clean, family-friendly, standup comedian with subject mater that entails current noteworthy events; relationships; toddlers; fascinating topics and common occurrences. The extensive array of subject mater enables everybody in the audience to have a pleasurable night! See whole biography.

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Forecast of current travel rates that are customary for neighboring cities & towns a short distance from Metairie, LA:

There's a clean stand-up comedian that is located in Jefferson Parish. To Get a cost estimate from Clean & Funny Booking, fill out this performance estimation form. The cost estimated by the agency for a local comedian will save you money in comparison to the travel fees estimated below.

Here is a projected calculation of travel charges to book a Christian comedian in Metairie, LA. These are regular travel costs and may be higher or lower than projected.

Accommodations (Generally Hilton New Orleans Airport)$116 - $229.00
Car$51.04 - $124.53
(Above fee embody the rental payment, plus miles and estimated gas usage.)
Airfare (Frontier to Memphis International)$170.00 - $345.00
Total Estimation$337.04 - $698.53

This guestimated expense assumes:
* This guestimated expense references a current gas price of $2.08.
* Travel fee guesstimations assume a usual function and 1 overnight stay.
* The following costs are only guesstimates and may differ determinate on dates and time of travel.

This estimation is also valid for the following zip codes 70001, 70002, 70003, 70004, 70005, 70006, 70009, 70010, 70011, 70033, 70055 and 70060 and most of Jefferson Parish.

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